Large pores and rough skin texture is one of the biggest concerns with complexion. Our skin tone and texture can become uneven, dry, dull, rough and oily for a number of reasons. Most often the underlying factors that must be addressed are the skins barrier function, acid mantle, and skin cell turnover rate. When these protective layers of the skin become impaired or imbalanced, we will see problematic skin arise.

If left untreated these conditions can progress into harder to treat conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and damage to skin texture.



While pores do not technically open or close, over time they can become enlarged and ‘stretched’ out. Imagine your pores like a balloon or turtleneck sweater – after being filled and emptied, or stretched over your head over and over, they are no longer as ‘tight’ as they used to be. Our pores respond in a similar manner to excessive oil production in our skin.

As we age and skin loses collagen density and elasticity (the support of our skin), pores can appear to look larger as we get older as gravity pulls down. Large pores may be genetic or require more advanced, resurfacing treatments if collagen and elastic breakdown has begun.

Similar to dull and dry skin, rough skin is often a result of built up dead skin cells at the surface of the skin. However, in the case of rough skin, the dead cells are loosely packed at the surface level, which may cause mild to moderate flaking or peeling of the skin, resulting in rough skin texture.

With rough skin it is important to be properly exfoliating the skin to help slough off dead cells that cause uneven skin texture. A combination of medical grade chemical exfoliants and physical scrubs are ideal for reversing rough, flaky skin.

ZO Skin Health must be the base for a healthy complexion. This medical grade skincare line contains prescription-strength products without the harsh irritation. After starting with the Getting Skin Ready system (cleanse, scrub, oil control/tone), ensuring you are using DNA repair enzymes and sun protection is a must. Next, our specialists will assist you to build a custom routine for your needs.

Custom laser treatments at 67 Degrees Cosmetic Clinic may be prescribed by our specialists in addition to the above treatments if and when there is deeper, underlying damage that needs to be addressed.