Do you feel like your skin isn’t bright or radiant, but rather looking lackluster and flat? Dull and dry or dehydrated skin is one of the most common conditions that we see present in patients with complaints of uneven skin tone and texture.

When we see dry or dehydrated skin, we know that we must address the outermost layer of the skin as there is an impairment with how the skin is renewing its cells. This causes old, dead skin cells to sit on the surface of the skin and build up, causing dullness and dryness.

At 67 Degrees Cosmetic Clinic, all of our licensed specialists are highly capable of creating comprehensive treatment plans for your complexion goals.



Healthy, vibrant skin should be replacing skin cells in 30 days or less, and shedding the old, damaged cells at the same time. This is known as our cellular renewal rate. When we experience dry and flaky skin, it is from these old skin cells not shedding effectively and instead building up at the surface of the skin.

While many things can affect this, surprisingly dull and dry, flaky skin is often the result of incorrect and poor-quality moisturizers being used, as well as a lack of proper exfoliation.

When using department or drugstore skincare and traditional moisturizers, our skin cells can become lazy. In other words, they stop doing their jobs and ‘go to sleep,’ so we must wake them up and revitalize the cells. Additionally, ensuring the skin is being exfoliated daily (or as tolerated) is critical in preventing dullness and allowing products to penetrate.

ZO Skin Health must be the base for a healthy complexion. This medical grade skincare line contains prescription-strength products without the harsh irritation. After starting with the Getting Skin Ready system (cleanse, scrub, oil control/tone), ensuring you are using DNA repair enzymes and sun protection is a must. Next, our specialists will assist you to build a custom routine for your needs.

Custom laser treatments at 67 Degrees Cosmetic Clinic may be prescribed by our specialists in addition to the above treatments if and when there is deeper, underlying damage that needs to be addressed.