Injectable treatments are among the most popular treatments in the world for the non-surgical enhancements they provide, without going under the knife with significant downtime. Injectables are safe and approved substances which are injected into the skin to help build dimension, shape, and contour to the face.

Our skilled injectors are able to expertly place the appropriate amount and consistency of injectable to precisely treat your concerns, while still honouring your natural beauty and the golden-ratio proportions.



Injectables can treat a number of conditions and concerns, both cosmetic and medical. Some of the concerns that we are able to treat include:
● Loss of facial volume and sagging skin
● Dark under eye circles and hallows
● Bumps on the bridge of the nose, or contouring nose shape for improved bridge and tip
● Small or thin lips
● Fine lines and wrinkles
● Crow’s feet
● Nasolabial folds and marionette lines
● Undefined jawline and chine
● Balancing side profile proportions
● Gummy smile
● Pebble chin
● Brow lift
● Tension headaches and migraines
● Excessive sweating

Dermal Filler, uses hyaluronic acid injected to revolumize areas that may appear gaunt or hollow. If you’re noticed dark under eye circles or sunken eyes, deep shadows under your cheekbones or thin lips, you might benefit from dermal filler.

Neuromodulators, work by relaxing the muscle and preventing contraction. This treatment works best on dynamic lines and light static lines. For deeper static lines, it may take several treatments before the deep line becomes invisible.